Maximizing the Space in Your Condo

While there are many benefits to living in a condo, one common drawback is the limited amount of personal space. The community living environment offers a number of shared spaces, such as courtyards and party rooms, but each individual unit is typically somewhat small. Although not as little as an apartment, your personal area is still probably much smaller than a detached single-family home. Maximizing the space you have can be tricky, so you may want to try some unique decorating ideas that will help.

Before you buy any new furniture, it is a good idea to take measurements of each room and entryway in your condo. Knowing exactly how much space you have available will allow you to pick the appropriate size furniture. Large pieces of furniture, like sectionals, can make a small living room seem even smaller. When choosing several furniture items, try to limit the number of pieces in each room. Too many small pieces can make the room seem cluttered. Glass-top coffee tables and desks will help make the room seem more open. For parties, seating limitations can be solved with floor cushions. They are easy to store when not being used, and you can decorate them to match the rest of your décor.

If you can afford some remodeling, you may want to create a more open floor plan by removing an unnecessary wall between rooms. For example, you can turn the wall between the kitchen and main room into a half-wall and create the illusion of more space. You can also add counter space to the half-wall for more room to cook or eat. Dark colored walls and ceilings can also make a room seem smaller. Decorate your condo in light neutral colors that will make it look bigger and more open. You can add bright, bold colors with the furniture you choose, but keep the walls light. You can also use mirrors to reflect more natural light into the space by placing them opposite from windows. Your unit may be adjacent to another unit, limiting the number of windows available. Using a mirror to reflect the outdoor view will help brighten a space with only one window.

One of the biggest limitations your condo may have is storage space. This is a common problem with most units because they do not usually have attics or basements. Instead, you can create more storage by building floor-to-ceiling bookshelves along one wall. You can also purchase furniture with extra storage room, such as a coffee table with drawers underneath. A small kitchen might also lack the appropriate room to store pots and pans, so you may want to install cabinets and shelves along one wall.

Decorating your condo the right way will make it seem larger and more comfortable to you and your guests. Your own design ideas will differentiate your unit from the others in your community and bring your own personal style to life.



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