Garage Door Maintenance

ext_garage_doorsThere are a few simple things that make up garage door maintenance program. Some of this you can do yourself. However, there are a good number of things that only professionals should take care of. Garage doors feature highly sophisticated components – it is said a typical garage door has more than 300 moving parts. Many of them are delicate, while some of them are very heavy and highly technical.

What You Can Do…

Regularly check your garage door parts for wear and tear. The parts you need to inspect from time to time include extension and torsion springs; garage door cables and wheels. Any creaking noise is a sign of a problem creeping up and you’ll want to investigate the source of this noise. Many of these types of sounds are due to insufficient lubrication. Periodically lubricate the moving parts of your garage door using regular engine oil. Ensure that the oil is thin and does not stick to the tracks and parts. Also, inspect the surface of your door and touch up any scratches with paint. If your door is painted, repaint as needed.

For any other repairs, particularly those involving the springs and tension, have a professional service your door.

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