Living Happily with Your Furry Family Members

dog-adoption-big-dog-on-couchAs every (honest) pet owner will tell you, along with the many benefits of pet ownership, there are sacrifices to be made. One of the primary challenges that most pet owners face is the impact of their pet on their home. Pets require more frequent house cleaning, odor control, and even the potential of damage to their home’s finishes. So, we at Home Experience made it our mission this month to find some of the best helpful hints for pet owners that we could.

Keep the Fur Under Control

  • Combat the pet fur in your home by brushing your pet a few times a week. Regular brushing will help reduce the amount of shedding and fur that lands on your floors and furniture. This will also help with the health of your pet. Place a blanket on your pet’s favorite napping spot. Throw the blanket in the dryer every few days to de-hair it.
  • Homes with long-haired indoor pets will need to clean or replace their HVAC air filters more often, as shedding pets can cause your filters to fill up more quickly.
  • Use a rubber dish washing glove to remove hair from your sofa and other upholstered surfaces. Simply put a glove on and rub it repeatedly across the surface. This will work on your auto upholstery as well!
  • Vacuum or dust mop regularly.

A Fresh Smelling Home

  • Clean your home regularly, and use baking soda or other odor neutralizing products to help reduce odors.
  • Keep your pet’s bed, toys, and dishes clean and sanitized.
  • Clean up pet accidents right away! Use white vinegar to neutralize any remaining odors.
  • Lastly, keep your pet clean!
  • Click here and here for more ways to keep your house smelling clean and fresh.

Canine Friends

  • If your dog tends to show destructive behavior when left home alone, consider crate training your pooch. Crate training actually provides your dog with a safe, cozy place that he will enjoy getting away to. Plus, a crate trained dog can be much easier to travel with. Click here and here for articles on dog crates.
  • One website recommends training your dog to stand on a towel before entering your home, to help remove dirt and mud from their feet. It’s worth a try!

Feline Friends

  • There are several new dust-free cat litter options on the market to reduce the amount of dust and tracking in your home from the litter boxes.
  • Utilize an odor neutralizer in the area where the litter boxes reside. There are products specifically for this purpose available in the pet aisle at your local discount store.
  • Don’t clean the litter box with an ammonia-based product – ammonia mimics the smell of urine.

Other Great Tips

  • Play with your pet to help reduce destructive behavior. Make sure he has access to appropriate toys. A bored pet can be a destructive one!
  • Keep pet food in a sealed container to avoid attracting pests.
  • Visit our Living Creatively with Pets Pinterest board for some great ideas on making dog crates part of your decor, innovative litter box solutions, and attractive DIY pet beds. Your pet can be stylish too!

Co-existing happily with your pets is just one more way to get the most out of your home and life!

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