Gearing up for Autumn

AutumnHouseFall is such a wonderful season. The air is crisp, families stock up on school supplies and the trees become vibrant with color. Fall is often a welcomed relief from the heat, when we can all slip back into our normal routines after the busy summer season. With our beach chairs and sunscreen stored for next June, it’s time to start thinking about fall projects for around the home. We have listed some project ideas in this blog that range from very easy to moderate. Enjoy!

1. Bring the warm air down. Difficulty level: Very Easy

If you’re looking for a great way to make your home a little warmer without messing with the thermostat, we have a solution. If you remember back to third grade science class, you may recall that warm air rises. So, clean your ceiling fans and then reverse their direction so they push warm air down. It’s an easy project that will leave your home a little warmer this fall and it might even save you a buck or two!

2. Start a compost pile. Difficulty level: Very Easy

If you start your compost pile now, you’ll be a happy gardener by springtime! Start by gathering leaves and garden debris and then add organic kitchen garbage all autumn long!

3. Get your furnace checked. Difficulty level: Easy

Look for companies that offer fall discounts and make sure your furnace is in prime condition before the coldest part of the year!

4. Hire a chimney sweep. Difficulty level: Easy

Even if you don’t plan on using your fireplace very much this winter, you should take the time to hire a chimney sweep. You never know what animals have decided to make your chimney their new home. We’ve heard of everything from birds to raccoons! Besides, Santa deserves a freshly swept chimney this December.

5. Fill in the cracks. Difficulty level: Medium

You may not realize it, but your home loses heat through small cracks and gaps in your home. Purchase a tube of caulk and/or weather stripping. Apply as needed to doorframes, window jams, and areas in your garage. Spending a few hours on this project will save your heating bill this fall and winter.

6. Clean the gutters. Difficulty level: Moderate

Be sure to spend some time cleaning your gutters this Fall. This project is important because extra debris and heavy rains can actually cause damage to your gutters. Use a small shovel or broom to push and scrape the debris down and out and then use a hose to spray them down. While this somewhat time-intensive project is a little messy, it’s relatively inexpensive and can save you from purchasing all new gutters!

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